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Daddy’s Little Girl



Little girls dream of their weddings for a long time. They plan what they would like and what will happen. They expect their Dad will be there to walk them down the aisle. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. This bride’s Dad died before she was to marry, but her Mom saved one of his blue, monogrammed dress shirts. Mom asked me if I could make her daughter a garter for her wedding day using her Dad’s blue shirt! Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue ~ all rolled up in one and part of her Dad to walk her down the aisle!! How very touching! Nice going Mom!!! What an exceptional gift she gave her daughter! The extra garter is a “throw away garter” and the bride kept the one with her Dad’s monogrammed initials. May the bride and groom have a long, happy marriage! The two heart shaped Christmas ornaments were made using the shirts front buttons, one for Mom and one for the daughter!


Our first GriefShare Session is titled: Is This Normal? Ever wonder why your grief experience is harder than you imagined? Come and learn why the intensity and duration of your emotions are normal and appropriate. Despite how you feel right now, there is reason for hope.
GriefShare sessions start tomorrow evening, September 11, from 6:30 to 8:30 at Mars United Presbyterian Church, 238 Crowe Avenue, Mars. Enter the church through the rear double doors. There are 13 sessions in all.
Message me with any questions or to RSVP.

Children and Grief

loss and grief when everything changes

Visit the site and you will be able to download a FREE eBook: Myths of Grief.  Six major concepts that prevent you from moving forward.

You may also be able to purchase your copy of When Children Grieve, For Adults to Help Children Deal with Death, Divorce, Pet Los, Moving, and Other Losses.


In the picture the lap blanket on the left had a black heavy metal t-shirt that had been pieced along with all of the other clothing that had been in the bag. The husband sent me a text to ask, “How hard is it to remove a t-shirt from the quilt?” Turns out that was his teenage son’s shirt and how it got into the bag of clothing was unknown. It would have been hours of work to even attempt to remove that shirt. Instead I came up with an idea. Check out the lap blanket on the right side!! It has the yellow patch over top of the black heavy metal t-shirt. Problem solved! The yellow square now has a patch that looks like it was framed in black.  The note that was stitched to the young daughter reads, “I will always love you.”  We aim to please at Covers of Comfort, Quilts of Remembrance. Whew!!  Check out


MiMi is Remembered through Covers of Comfort Pillows.

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The box arrives and then the work begins!  It is such an honor to create pillows, lap blankets, throws, and Christmas ornaments for others.  I am thankful!


Alice 1 - all 3

Grief Emotions


The intensity of grief is real.  You should know that there is no predictable order to your emotions.  Grief is the price you pay for loving someone.  Remember, it is normal to have overwhelming thoughts with multiple emotions experienced at one time.



The Uncertainty of Grief

grief is not linear


Grief never ends…

Grief is not a place to stay


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